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Windburn is pretty fairly self-explanatory, but it is also a misattributed concept. Originally, windburn was the name given to a sunburn which was caused in shady/cloudy weather. Windburn is now commonly referred to as a feeling windburnof burning/redness/soreness/dryness caused by wind exposure and cold. This is especially evident during the winter months, where the lips and other sensitive areas of skin – like the hands – are more exposed than others. So, for all intents and purposes, we shall treat the latter definition as windburn. This condition can be brought on by several things, such as: excessive licking of the lips, conflicting conditions attributed to a/c-heated rooms and naturally cold weather, and not drying hands properly after washing them. The moisture which remains on the skin may cause it to dry and become over sensitive. In some cases it may even become inflamed. Ways to treat it? Using substances which are closer to the skin’s composition.

Things like coconut oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and other such home remedies. Once there is already a case of windburn, there is not much you can do other than let the skin do its things and regenerate. But as far as prevention, there is a lot you can do. Whatever you use, make sure to do so in moderation, and to take your own skin type into account.

Is your skin oily by nature? Dry? A combo of some kind? Also, what other products, if any, do you use? You don’t want anything conflicting. Skin conditions such as this are a subjective matter, but don’t immediately go for all kinds of OTC medication. There is quite a lot you can do on your own to treat your skin properly once it is hit, and to prevent it from being ‘burnt.’windburn1

It’s underrated that pretty much all of the elements can cause a burn besides for water – which in fact cures burns. You are susceptible to receiving a burn from the friction of earth. What this means is that any material – I’m giving a broad sense to the word Earth here – that you rub against can cause what’s known as a friction burn. Similarly, the same thing can happen with air. I think it’s really cool when these things that we use to soothe us – like air or water or certain materials – can also be the source of our harm.  It’s basically an analogy for how sometimes the very thing that is the source of our joy can also be the source of our pain. And the other way around. I think it’s interesting that often we find that those times that we are in the throes of our worries and pain and we think that we’re just not good enough, we should refocus on those flaws and look for the positives. Every negative has an equal and opposite positive force. Often we focus too much on one over the other which can ultimately lead to our own downfall. This is kind of what it’s like when you get burnt from the elements.

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