Lavender Oil and Effects on Sleep ?>

Lavender Oil and Effects on Sleep

All of reality television is so captivating because of all the drama. Yes, it is true. The reality may not be so real, but I don’t really care if I am being entertained. Producers force people that don’t like each other to fill together. With that alone, you’re bound to get a lot of drama. On top of that, no one can have their phone out or use the computer. Shows like the bachelor and the challenge that sleep2are very produced try to make everyone a little crazy. In order to combat the crazy, they should all just pack some lavender oil and oil diffusers. This way you can have the smell of lavender oil moving through the entire house. Everyone would be much more calmer. However, the producers may not like it. They don’t want to be calm, they want good television. What will make viewers tune in next week? it is definitely not lavender oil.


If everyone packed Xanax, the show wouldn’t even exist. The only reason these reality shows survive is because of the crazy that people become. It is like the house becomes full of wild animals. What’s even worse than a house full of wild animals? Drunk wild animals. The combination of alcohol and no connection to the outside world can make anyone lose their mind. They should do things to promote serenity and relaxation, like yoga, or an essential oil massage. Combining lavender oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil can have very relaxing benefits.

The cattiness and gossip are the foundation for all these shows. Everyone that was put on these shows showed a lot of personality in their audition tape. Without the gossip, you just have a snooze felavender oil5st. If they cast me, I would bring lavender oil and a diffuser. The producers would absolutely hate me always trying to keep the peace and make everyone calm down. Even though you can get sent home for hitting someone, the producers love it when it almost happens. So if you threaten to hurt someone, you’re most likely to get your own spin off shows.


There’s also reality television that follows people’s day-to-day lives, but even those are very produced. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is their real life, but they need to set up times of when they’re filming. They need to create drama in their lives to make an interesting show. They need to share things they maybe didn’t want to share or confront people they never wanted to confront. Lavender oil would be a great addition to all reality stars’ lives. I am sure many have had great experiences with it and would highly recommend it.

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