Who said success would be easy? ?>

Who said success would be easy?

work hard

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Finding success is subjective. Success means something different to everyone, but it is usually found as a result of hard work. Let’s get this uncomfortable truth out of the way upfront — no one ever said the success that comes from hard work would be easy. Nothing worth having ever is.


Take school for example — you only get A’s when you put in the work. For twelve years you work hard for that diploma. But the reward isn’t necessarily that piece of paper; it’s in the hard work and being accepted into the university of your choice. It is being able to get a student discount car insurance because of your good grades. This is a huge benefit to hard work because students are typically considered high-risk drivers.

Working hard to achieve success means knowing that the reward isn’t always immediate or easy to attain, and it will require some sweat equity. And sometimes even with all the work and sweat, we come up short in the end and may not achieve the desired results.


In those instances, can you still be proud of your hard work and dedication to seeing it through? The answer is yes. The push and drive to succeed can be enough. Here are some tips for finding fulfillment no matter what happens on the journey.


Prepare Mentally

This is t

he biggest obstacle for many. It isn’t the physical momentum that people lack — it’s the mental momentum. It is replacing the negative self-doubt and replacing it with the mental fortitude that overcoming adversity and difficulties requires.


A great example is the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people required mental strength to overcome the uncertainty of the quarantine and the obstacles that were presented. No one had to warn you that this would be diffic

ult. You just knew and you persevered.


The old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” is true. The mentally tough will get to work to push towards achieving their goals. The ones mentally unable to push past the difficult stuff will fail.

Reject Instant Gratification

Instant gratification is overrated. When it comes to hard work and success, how fulfilling can it truly be if it literally took no work to achieve? What if you put in four hard years in college making the Dean’s List with a 4.0 GPA only to discover everyone was getting a diploma for simply participating?.


Yes, we all talk about wanting to with the lottery or wishing someone would just give us millions of dollars. But there is another saying that “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” You can have all the money in the world and still feel unfulfilled.


It takes work to make our dreams come true. It takes grit, passion, and momentum. There are lessons along the way that are invaluable and wouldn’t be possible if success was instant.

Embrace the Challenge

If I have learned anything through my years of starting and losing businesses as well as finding success, it is that there are lessons in the valleys just as there are lessons on the mountain tops. It is up to you to recognize the lessons and apply them to whatever life throws at you.

There will be days when the work becomes difficult, and there will also be days when the work seems easy. You will have days when you are holding your head high with pride at what you are working for, and there will be days that you want to bury your head in the sand.


If you are prepared mentally for both, then they won’t come as a surprise when they happen.


flintRobyn Flint writes and researches for the car insurance site, StudentCarInsurance.com, and she is a licensed realtor with over seven years of experience helping buyers and sellers navigate the real estate market. Robyn is also a freelance writer and a published author.

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