Mental Health in Isolation ?>

Mental Health in Isolation

With so many people in isolation today mental health while in isolation should be a vital aspect of everyone’s priorities. Right after getting your immediate needs covered like food and water you need to put all your efforts towards morale. Keeping your morale up is vital for staying holistically healthy. What will keep morale high will vary greatly depending on each individual. If you enjoy exercise then you need to have some space and time set aside to exercise. If you’re into art then you need to set up a little studio and set time aside to make sure you have time and place to do it. mental healthAll these ‘preppers’ never get prepared for their and their families mental health needs. After the initial shock of any situation things will calm down. Then what will the prepper do besides sit and look at their canned food. People need to be prepared to keep their mental health in check while in isolation. The best case studies to look at are actually inmates who are solitary or locked down for extended periods of time. These individuals had to survive and stay sane in isolation. The way they did it was very simple. Their recipe while in isolation was something that anyone can follow, but it isn’t easy. People who just want to ride out isolation by sleeping in and watching netflix will probably have a mental break at some point.

People in isolation vitally need to be on a steady constant schedule. I mean no days off. It’s ok to be tired. It’s better to be tired than too well rested and having a mental breakdown. First thing is to set a wake up time, no snooze button, wake up and get out of bed. Then you will need to clean your room and clean your house. You need to keep up on cleaning otherwise it will get overwhelming and you’ll turn into a hoarder who’s house looks like a gigantic garbage can. After you’re awake in a clean house you need to figure out what activities you enjoy doing. Do you like plants, painting, music, wood working, legos, or anything that involves creating but isn’t on a screen. loveDo that for a few hours. Not so much that you will burn out. After that make yourself some food. Don’t meal prep while in isolation. Make fresh meals everyday that will help to get you into a good routine. Then give yourself some down time before you get some exercise. Getting some exercise is vital in maintaining mental health. It doesn’t matter what you do for physical activity. As long as you’re getting your heart rate up a little bit and moving around anything is solid. This can be dancing or watching a youtube video. Literally any physical activity. Following this eat some dinner then you can relax and watch some netflix or play some video games. But not for too long because you have a bedtime. Why do you have a bedtime during isolation, the answer is because you’re waking up early to do it all over again. Another thing is limiting alcohol consumption. Only drinking on the weekends. This is vital in maintaining good mental health. If you drink too much it will throw off your serotonin levels and make you depressed. So keep the booze to the weekends where you can relax the schedule a bit and not do all the things that the schedule says you have to, but remember you’re back at it on Monday.

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