Mental Health During COVID-19 ?>

Mental Health During COVID-19

There have been a lot of vloggers talking about their routines and what they’re doing everyday and it really aggravates me to see these people whose lives are far from together giving people advice during a pandemic. What annoys me even more is to see other vloggers crying on camera about how hard it is for them to sit in their house and how their situation is more difficult than other peoples. Everyone needs to stop complaining and realize the entire world is in the same situation. Some parts of the world are going to be really affected by this and it’s going to cause a lot of trauma to many third world countries and individuals who aren’t taking it seriously.

Everyone’s main concern should only be their immediate needs. This isn’t the time to start stockpiling supplies. That’s the only reason there are shortages is because people are hoarding essential supplies and then stores are jacking up prices to combat the higher demand. People are panic buying for no reason other than other people are panic buying. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. Ways to help you relax while isolated in your house due to COVID-19 is simple. There are a lot of ways to improve mental health during COVID-19 isolation. Take some time and write yourself a daily schedule and then put timers on your phone to remind you to do all the activities that you put in your schedule. Take a few minutes in the morning to do some yoga. A simple 10 minute video on yoga basics is great. Then make sure to put some time aside to meditate. mental health drinking

Meditation is great for maintaining mental health and calming you down. The main concern of everyone should be to just remain calm while this entire pandemic is occurring. Being stuck in any space can drive anyone a little crazy. The main thing is to stay in the moment and figure out why something is upsetting you and don’t freak out. Stay on a schedule and avoid unhealthy activities. You will be drawn to drink excessive amounts of alcohol due to bordon and depression. Don’t fall to your cravings of alcohol in these times of stress and boredom. This will only increase your stress levels, lower your overall mental health and cause you to suffer from a mental breakdown eventually. Instead fill your time with constructive things to do instead of doing unhealthy things like smoking and drinking.

This is a fantastic excuse to quit smoking by the way. Smoking substantially raises your risk of being seriously affected by COVID-19. So in conclusion your best bet is to get yourself on some sort of a schedule, do some daily meditation, quit smoking, and reduce your alcohol consumption. Nowhere in your daily schedule should alcohol be involved. Exclusively consume alcohol on the weekend and never during your scheduled periods during the week. Instead fill that schedule with productive things and meditation. These will actually help to keep your mind, body and soul healthy during these difficult times.

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