Taking care of ME ?>

Taking care of ME

If you ever traveled by plane, surely you’ve heard the whole shpiel from flight attendants about no smoking, emergency exits, and safety belts. Included in the shpiel that most people ignore is if there is a loss of cabin pressure, the yellow oxygen masks will deploy from the ceiling compartment, located above your head. Then they go on to tell you to please secure your own mask before assisting others lovearound you. This typically goes against what most of us were taught at a young age, give to others first. For many it may seem selfish to make sure you are taken care of before helping others. It is actually the most appropriate and responsible approach, in case there is a loss of cabin pressure as well as in everyday life.
Maintaining your strength and stability is far from selfish. But the thought of taking some personal time is often met with external negativity leading to an internal guilt. The idea of self care and proclaiming its importance is somewhat of a new idea, and some need more than others. This self care can be anything from a quiet evening alone with a book and a bubble bath to a European vacation. Anything positive you do that is just for you is beneficial to your well-being.

It’s said that the little things in life are more important than the grand. That way of thinking may be proof for those with more of a need for self care. The little things that can be more regular and practical may serve your own greater good for a long term effect.  It’s important to note that self care is all about replenishing your own resources without depleting anyone else’s. Many people aren’t so accustomed to thinking of themselves first, but it really is the most ideal way of being kind to others.
The importance of self care goes beyond mental and emotional well-being. If one is in need of care and doesn’t take it seriously and neglects the warning signs, it could lead to serious physical issues. Some of the issues could be the eating habits could be erratic, leading to a host of problems, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Another sign can be headaches, many people dismiss them, but if headaches persist it could be a sign of high blood pressure or worse. Chronic stress headaches can range from being annoying to extremely painful, with the prolonged use of a pain reliever having potential dangerous side effects.

Self care means different things to different people, it  would be beneficial to find what gives you joy and work from there. An example might be that you like to read. So for the time that you set aside to read, is sacred and should be undisturbed, if possible. If you take a day or two off from work, don’t answer work calls or emails during that time.
Remember that people will respond to how you treat yourself. So if your personal space or personal time is seemingly unimportant to you and seems undervalued, the people around you will generally follow your example. Take of yourself to be a better, more positive, focused, and healthier you.

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