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Instant Gratification

Does anybody else have the attention span of a goldfish? It’s not like undiagnosed ADHD because that’s when you’re unable to sit still and can’t focus on one thing at a time. This is something parallel more to boredom. Why do we candystruggle to sit still with our minds? We rarely take the time to just be with ourselves without having to focus on a million other things at the same time. Why do we do that? why don’t we just sit with ourselves and let our minds wonder? What are we running away from? Our short attention spans are a dangerous game that we’re playing with our lives. If you’re not able to be on your own in silence it reveals a lot about your inner world. It’s restless, tired and frustrated. By not quieting your life you’re unable to really understand who you are as a person. This means you might never really reach your full potential, because you don’t even know what that potential is. You’re too busy moving from one thing to the next that you give yourself no time to really see where you’re going.

This is true both in a macro and micro sense. In the micro I find that I struggle to complete tasks because I just move form one thing to the next without focusing on one at a time. This means that I leave a few hundred things half opened at any given time. This is especially true, ironically, in my endeavor to read books. Even when I’m trying to be still, I find myself running at a hundred miles an hour. I often read about eight books on the go. Finishing one book is a huge accomplishment.

This can be put down to a few factors. One of those is the time that I spend on my phone. The other is a generational need for instant gratification. We are so used to getting everything that we need served on a platter that we don’t take the time to actually earn things anymore. This makes me think of the schooling system that tells kids that they’re all winners. People have become scared to really discipline their kids because they fear for their self-esteem. Everybody is a winner. It’s a nice sentiment but if everybody is a winner in first grade, then second grade then fifth, then by thelavender oil for sleep time they reach tenth grade and are expected to take ‘real’ exams, they suddenly don’t do so well. Why’s that? Because they’ve been taught that everyone is a winner, but all of sudden they’re not winning. So, they, and their parents, demand easier tests and to cut the kids some slack. So, the school system does but then they’re thrown into the real world and this instant gratification that they’ve been taught is no good here. We’re restless because we’ve been taught that we can get whatever we want; that life is easy. But if we had been raised with the fact that working hard gets results we’d be much better prepared for reality.

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