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Exotic Massages

massage 1It is one of the most intimate things that can occur in a platonic, trans-actual sort of setting. A massage. And, weird enough as it is, there are some which are downright odd, and not very well connected with mainstream massage techniques.

The guys over at Maple Holistics reviewed some of the weird massage techniques out there, and honestly? These sound like a lot of fun. Imagine going into a spa and getting massaged by a DE-needled cactus. Talk about exotic.

So, when I arrive at a spa – and I don’t do it nearly enough as I should – I like trying out new things. I mean, an ordinary, medicinal, shiatsu-like massage can be obtained in a number of places. But when I pay good money to get into a quality spa, I want their house specialty. I got a hot oil fire cupping massage, and it was one of the best ones I’ve had. I’ve done cups in the past, and even though I am not an expert, I do know what feels good. And this had a nice long-lasting feel to it, which I carried with me for a long while after leaving the spa.

The one possible downside of getting a suction cup massage is that you get these big red blotches on your skin, due to the sucking action. However, they are well-worth it, in my opinion. And they are definitely worth a shot. If you happen to visit a spa which has them – and if you have never done it before – go for it. Experience it once. It is pretty cool, and it gets your blood flowing like it ain’t no thing.

The ability to walk into a place and get a nice weird massage is great. And I would recommend stepping outside the mainstream every now and then, and getting your butt into a weird spa. You could get some of the best, most relaxing massages of your life, if only you knew where to look. Most of these places advertise these as specialties, and you should totally take them up on it.

Now, a weird massage is not necessarily a bad or awkward one. You should know when somassage 3mething feels difficult, and when something feels downright unpleasant. Again, big difference. I can appreciate a weird massage, but not a bad one. Especially not in a place where you pay good money to get away from it all for some time, you know?

Also, remember – check prices. Be prepared to be pay, but not more than you feel it is worth. Get things upfront, and that way you will be able to enjoy a relaxing time, knowing that it is all paid for. And hey, get a group discount thing going. You have those websites all over the place. Use them! You’ll be able to get that exotic massage for a reduced price, AND you will have the option of going with a group of your friends. Get some time off from work, and go for it!

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