Is Purple Shampoo For You? ?>

Is Purple Shampoo For You?

How Purple Shampoo Works On Blonde And Grey Hair - Photography by Angel Jordan

If you read any packaging on Purple shampoo for blonde hair, it will tell you to apply the purple shampoo to wet hair and act it like regular shampoo. Well, I’m about to tell you something that may shock you so you should probably sit down. Are you ready for it? Okay, fine. I’ll tell you…


You can put purple shampoo on your dry hair!


Yes, that’s right. I did! It was girls’ night and I desperately needed my hair to look good. I usually use the purple shampoo about once a week to keep my blonde from going brassy. It usually has to stay on for 10 minutes in the shower, but I felt like it needed more time. What I didn’t realize is that the purple shampoo would be able to penetrate my hair cuticle more easily because there weren’t any water molecules in the way. I only let it sit for about 7 to 8 minutes before I washed it out in the shower. Don’t worry about the purple shampoo you get on your neck while you’re applying it, it will easily come off in the shower. After the shower, I looked at my hair and saw that it was amazing! My blonde had never looked better and there was no more brassiness. I felt so much more confident and was ready to see where the night would take me.


Many believe that purple shampoo can be used for dying hair purple or violet, but it’s not a dye and won’t work as one. The shampoo is meant for neutralizing. If you look at a color wheel, you’ll see that purple is across from yellow. This means that it color-corrects warm colors. When you’re blonde hair is looking brassy, purple shampoo can fight against those tones.


The best purple shampoo is one that is dark, vibrant, and a rich shade of purple. It’s made for people with light-colored hair. Obviously blonde but it could also mean gray or platinum hair. This type of shampoo won’t do anything for a brunette. Sorry guys! However, if you have blonde highlights, this shampoo can help keep your highlights looking fresh and brand new. The same applies to ombre hair. You can target the lighter strands by only putting the purple shampoo on the ends.


Even though this technique worked for me, it’s not recommended. You can try it but you may end up with blotchy hair. Since your hair isn’t wet, it’s not evenly porous and therefore won’t evenly absorb the product. It worked for me and many more before me, so I would say give it a try and if you notice it doesn’t work for you, then don’t do it again. It was great for a quick fix when I really needed it. If the purple shampoo does stain your hair and it won’t wash out. Simply use a clarifying shampoo. That will definitely do the trick.

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