Is The Safety On? ?>

Is The Safety On?

22-rifleWhen I go out to the range, I look at the checklist that I have on my front door. This checklist is a little something my wife thought up to be cute, and it also is definitely one of the more functional things that she’s done. It’s done up in a very cutesy way, making jokes about everything it talks about, but it’s a reminder about gun safety. First thing on the list, make sure the gun is empty. (I would be including how my wife worded it, but right now I’m nowhere near the front door, so I guess you’ll have to settle with only hearing about the ones I remember) I cannot tell you just how many times I would have left the house with a loaded gun without that sign there. (I really can’t, the sign has never not been there. I literally have no metric to measure it by). Second thing on the list is to make sure the safety is on. This one is a little extraneous, as I make sure to turn off the safety only when I reach the range, and I always make sure to put the safety back on when I leave the range. And while my wife likes to keep me on my toes, she’d never turn the safety off on a gun. (I only leave the gun loaded for home defense, but the safety stays off no matter what). The third thing is a little raunchy, but I think it’s the funniest out of all of the things on the list. It’s all about how to hold the gun, I don’t remember the exact wording, but it’s something along the lines of "The gun is a girl, the stock is her hand, you can hold her there, but the trigger guard is her pants, and you can’t stick your hand in there until you reach the bedroom. Check out Gunivore for more great gun content.

Obviously by bedroom, she means firing range, but I always get a kick out of reading that. The fourth thing is about when is an appropriate time to pull out your gun. This one is a good reminder, as I don’t want to get too excited by these fear mongers on the television. If my life is not threatened, the gun stays in its holster, no matter what. I remember getting in a fistfight with someone, and even getting knocked down, but I didn’t pull my gun on him, despite him being bigger than me. I accepted my loss, and he accepted his win, so that was it. The fifth and last item on the list isn’t something that has to do with gun safety, it has to do with our relationship. It’s a reminder to take the snack that she made for me so I won’t get hungry at the range. It’s nice to have someone love you as much as she does me. Although  think we might have to change up the sign as soon as the kids start coming in.

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