Baby Glock’s Got Your Back ?>

Baby Glock’s Got Your Back

From holographic sights to a gun that is a sight to be seen! The Baby Glock 26 Gen 4 was released in 2010, along with the rest of the Gen 4 line of handguns. Glock introduced the baby Glock relatively late, in 1995, 7 years after the compact Glock 19 made its appearance.

The G26 Gen4 has the same improvements which characterizes the entire Gen4 line: replaceable back straps, a textured grip, as well as a larger mag release button, which also happens to be reversible. I feel the best Gen4 improvement was the larger mag button. It is imperative to be able to change magazines quickly and easily, and this is what that new button facilitates.

hollywohgThis isn’t Hollywood, though. The fact is, most encounters will not necessitate the use of more than a few rounds, at most. It is very rare for civilians (and even police officers) to be in a situation where they are changing magazines under fire. But, in the event of such an occurrence happening – as it invariably does – being able to make a move with efficiency is crucial. That is when instinct takes over, and where a shooter’s rigorous training and discipline pays off. When you hear that gun go ‘click’, you drop, take cover if possible, switch magazines, rack, and fire.

The G26 was the first subcompact which Glock released, and soon after the 26 was introduced, the 27 – chambered in 0.40 – was released. Small though they may be, Glock’s subcompact models resemble other Glock models, since they share many of the same attributes: high-strength polymer-2 and steel makeup; striker-fired mechanism; Glock’s ‘Safe Action’ design, which includes three kinds of safeties; they are all reliable, accurate, and durable, and so is the 26.

The Glock 26 is not a pocket gun by definition. It is not as small as a Seecamp or Cobra Derringer, nor is it meant to be. While it can fit in many pockets and pieces of clothing, it is meant to be in a holster. There are a number of popular subcompact holsters, and the key to successful concealed everyday carry is finding the holster. Seeing as how you are going to be carrying this pistol on your person, it should be as comfortable as it can get.

Dimensions of the Glock 26:shooting g26

Length: 6.49 inches

Height: 4.17 inches

Width: 1.18 inches

As you can tell, yes – this is a small pistol. But, because it is a Glock, you can use a number of magazines with it. The standard is 10 rounds, with an extended option of 12 rounds. The 12 round magazine may provide a bit more grip for those who miss the feeling of holding a larger gun. If you are interested in a fuller grip, but not in a larger magazine, pinky extensions are also available.

More options include a 15-, 17-, and 33-round magazine. ThisBaby are not as efficient, since they compromise the size and weight of the handgun. Most customers prefer the smaller 10- and 12-round mags, precisely because of that reason. They invest in a subcompact, and they want it to remain subcompact. More great info can be found on the Glock 26 Review on

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