Purple Is Good For You ?>

Purple Is Good For You

How Purple Shampoo Works On Blonde And Grey Hair - http://www.kisforkinky.com/how-purple-shampoo-works Photography by Angel Jordan

When you think about purple, do you think about blonde hair? If you do, then you’re probably in the cosmetics business, if not, then let me tell you why maybe you should be thinking it. As I’m sure everyone knows, blonde hair is very low in melanin. And actually, I’m not sure that everyone knows that, as not everyone knows what melanin is. Melanin is responsible for the pigmentation of your skin and hair. The more melanin you have, the darker you are. So fair skinned and fair haired people have a lot less melanin. You can increase the amount of melanin in your skin by exposing it to sunlight. This works because the sun destroys the melanin in your skin, and your

body counteracts it by producing more melanin, resulting in a tan. This only works in your skin, as your skin is alive. When it happens to your hair, the melanin gets broken down, but seeing as hair is made of dead cells, it is unable to make more melanin to counteract the damage done by the sun. This leads to bleaching, which affects blondes much more strongly than dark haired people, as people with dark hair have more melanin, so the damage shows less.

So what does all this talk about melanin have to do with the color purple, and especially how the color purple relates to blondes? Simply put, purple is the answer to brass. That’s a little esoteric, so let mbefore-and-after-using-purple-shampooe explain: by using the color purple, you can contrast the brassy tones you end up with from sun bleaching. To be even more specific, you can use purple shampoo to combat the brassy tones you sometimes get in blonde hair. Purple shampoo reviewed by Maple Holistics is exactly what it sounds like: a shampoo with a lot of purple pigmentation in it. In fact, it’s so pigmented that I’d really only ever suggest using it during showers, as the purple shampoo is liable to turn you and your bathwater blue. Although there is one thing I didn’t mention, how exactly does purple shampoo work?

That’s pretty simple, purple shampoo operates on the principles of the color wheel and complimentary colors. Because yellow and purple are opposite each other on the color wheel, they are considered complimentary colors. Basically, purple shows up really well against yellow, and yellow shows up really well against purple. So while the purple in the shampoo aims to darken your hair, just like any black dye would, it also compliments the yellow already in the hair, instead of just drowning it out. This is pretty important for the purple shampoo to do, as just darkening the hair won’t help out with your bleached hair woes. I mean, if all you want is black hair, you might as well just dye your hair black instead. Purple shampoo combats the brassy tones of the light blonde you’ll be getting from the sun, and that’s not what a black dye would do. It’s important to keep that in mind, so use purple shampoo if you face these problems.

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