Getting Rid Of the Scruff With Beard Oil ?>

Getting Rid Of the Scruff With Beard Oil

beardMy beard was getting to be in bad shape. I spent a few days on a camping trip with some friends, and came back to my girlfriend all itchy and scratchy. Eventually, it led to the development of some ‘beardruff’, which is when my girlfriend said “stop”!

When I told her I am growing out my beard, she said that she would appreciate it if I could keep it clean. I did, for a while, but after that trip things went downhill. I didn’t want to shave it off, which is why I was so glad that I found beard oil.

I am no stranger to using essential oils but beard oil sounded very hipster to me. Too hipster, to be honest. I almost didn’t get it, for that very reason. Nah, not really. Hipsters are fine in my book. Either way, I began putting oil in my beard, daily, and I watched for improvements. They arrived, and quicker than I expected.

I guess, with hindsight, that my problem had to do with my face’s oil glands. The body has a natural oil, which is also part of the beard. For some reason, I had to get those glands working again, and a few days of using beard oil certainly did the trick. After that, I continued using the oil semi-daily, after a shower.

It is probably one of the easiest things in the world, and it can make a big difference for those with beards, or who are considering growing out their beard. Regardless of its length or thickness, the beard can be helped with some external essential oils.

beardoilA good, high-quality beard oil will have pure essential oils, no parabens or other preservatives, and no other chemicals in it. One company that is making a great all-natural beard oil is Maple Holistics. The beard can be a sensitive place, so it is best to treat it with an oil which was made purely for that area.

You could probably use other methods, but then you run the risk of drying out your beard even more. If you have some kind of issue, you may want to use a natural product before choosing to see a skin doctor or some other medical authority. Usually, doctors will give you a prescribed salve or drops which contain very harsh ingredients.

Of course, if you start using beard oil, and your condition gets worse or seems unresponsive, by all means get yourself checked out. The skin is your largest organ, so one way or another, you should take care of yourself.

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