Essential Oils and Mental Health ?>

Essential Oils and Mental Health

I was fortunate enough to live in a nice home growing up. My family was considered well off and I always got every toy that I ever wanted. This has caused many problems for me. I didn’t realize until I entered the workforce just how privileged my life really was. Hearing the word no became a huge problem for essential oilsme. My therapist showed me that it was my upbringing that played a huge part in my anxiety today. In our sessions, I had to think and learn about different ways to distress that were affordable. My lovely therapist intruded me to essential oils and aromatherapy. But more specifically, she introduced me to lavender oil.


The only ways that I knew how to unwind were ways my mom used to do. She would go to the spa and get a massage and a facial. My parents got divorced since then and all the money went into the lawyers and I got none of it. I now have to live on a budget and can’t afford tessential oilsips to the spa every week. Discovering essential oils and lavender oil has truly made my life better and me a better person. Essential oils seem expensive, but you only need to use a few drops so a bottle will last you much longer than you think. An oil diffuser is expensive, but it’s a one time purchase for a lifetime of benefits.


I was used to this sheltered life where everything I wanted came to me. It wasn’t possible for me to sustain that life. I needed to find a job. I needed to get a hold of my mental health. Therapy ain’t cheap either by the way, which is why I only see her once every other week. She diffuses oils, so she recommended it to me. She even let me borrow her oil diffuser so I wouldn’t have to invest in my own before I knew if it could help. When I realized that it was working, I immediately bought the best one I could afford on amazon and gave hers back.

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All I have right now is myself, I do everything on my own and not having any help or support takes a toll on me. When I come home every day, I diffuse lavender oil. I chose lavender oil because my therapist recommended it for it’s calming properties. When I get a whiff of it, I immediately feel a sense of relief wash over me. To come home and easily be able to relax is so nice and was very much needed. Sometimes, when I’m feeling a little wild, I add a few drops of lavender oil to a bath. It’s a high like you’ve never felt before. Some people may only see how easy my life was, but it’s caused some damage to say the least. I’m only now just starting to put all the broken pieces back together. Lavender oil has been a great help.

With that said lavender oil has been known to help some people with anxiety and has helped some people relax, but if you’re having legitimate issues you should speak to a mental health professional.

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