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Instant Gratification ?>

Instant Gratification

Does anybody else have the attention span of a goldfish? It’s not like undiagnosed ADHD because that’s when you’re unable to sit still and can’t focus on one thing at a time. This is something parallel more to boredom. Why do we struggle to sit still with our minds? We rarely take the time to just be with ourselves without having to focus on a million other things at the same time. Why do we do that? why don’t we…

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Tea Tree Is Very Good For You ?>

Tea Tree Is Very Good For You

  Using natural products for skin care and beauty goes back to ancient times, long before we even had an understanding of the chemical or microscopic world. Sometimes, you can just feel when something is good for you and when it’s not – the results are evident and tend to speak for themselves and if you’re paying attention to your body, it can tell you what’s wrong or what’s going well internally or externally. Unfortunately, many of us have become…

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Exotic Massages ?>

Exotic Massages

It is one of the most intimate things that can occur in a platonic, trans-actual sort of setting. A massage. And, weird enough as it is, there are some which are downright odd, and not very well connected with mainstream massage techniques. The guys over at Maple Holistics reviewed some of the weird massage techniques out there, and honestly? These sound like a lot of fun. Imagine going into a spa and getting massaged by a DE-needled cactus. Talk about…

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