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Essential Oils and Mental Health ?>

Essential Oils and Mental Health

I was fortunate enough to live in a nice home growing up. My family was considered well off and I always got every toy that I ever wanted. This has caused many problems for me. I didn’t realize until I entered the workforce just how privileged my life really was. Hearing the word no became a huge problem for me. My therapist showed me that it was my upbringing that played a huge part in my anxiety today. In our…

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Tea Tree Is Very Good For You ?>

Tea Tree Is Very Good For You

  Using natural products for skin care and beauty goes back to ancient times, long before we even had an understanding of the chemical or microscopic world. Sometimes, you can just feel when something is good for you and when it’s not – the results are evident and tend to speak for themselves and if you’re paying attention to your body, it can tell you what’s wrong or what’s going well internally or externally. Unfortunately, many of us have become…

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Purple Is Good For You ?>

Purple Is Good For You

When you think about purple, do you think about blonde hair? If you do, then you’re probably in the cosmetics business, if not, then let me tell you why maybe you should be thinking it. As I’m sure everyone knows, blonde hair is very low in melanin. And actually, I’m not sure that everyone knows that, as not everyone knows what melanin is. Melanin is responsible for the pigmentation of your skin and hair. The more melanin you have, the…

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Getting Rid Of the Scruff With Beard Oil ?>

Getting Rid Of the Scruff With Beard Oil

My beard was getting to be in bad shape. I spent a few days on a camping trip with some friends, and came back to my girlfriend all itchy and scratchy. Eventually, it led to the development of some ‘beardruff’, which is when my girlfriend said “stop”! When I told her I am growing out my beard, she said that she would appreciate it if I could keep it clean. I did, for a while, but after that trip things…

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My Tea Tree Discovery ?>

My Tea Tree Discovery

I discovered tea tree rather late. I discovered it when I decided to let my hair grow naturally. I wanted a way for my hair to grow, without harmful shampoos and conditioners. Everything – literally everything – that I was using on my head up until then was drenched with preservatives (parabens), detergents, fragrances, and other nasty crap. When I decided to let my hair grow without any manipulation or interference, it came at a welcomed price – namely, getting…

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