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Month: July 2020

Is Purple Shampoo For You? ?>

Is Purple Shampoo For You?

If you read any packaging on Purple shampoo for blonde hair, it will tell you to apply the purple shampoo to wet hair and act it like regular shampoo. Well, I’m about to tell you something that may shock you so you should probably sit down. Are you ready for it? Okay, fine. I’ll tell you…   You can put purple shampoo on your dry hair!   Yes, that’s right. I did! It was girls’ night and I desperately needed…

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Who said success would be easy? ?>

Who said success would be easy?

{Guest Post} Finding success is subjective. Success means something different to everyone, but it is usually found as a result of hard work. Let’s get this uncomfortable truth out of the way upfront — no one ever said the success that comes from hard work would be easy. Nothing worth having ever is.   Take school for example — you only get A’s when you put in the work. For twelve years you work hard for that diploma. But the…

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Using Nature Noise Machines to Combat Anxiety ?>

Using Nature Noise Machines to Combat Anxiety

{Guest Post} Anxiety can ruin both our mental and physical health, as persistent worry can cause everything from muscle tension to high blood pressure. If you are plagued with anxious thoughts, from wondering if liability-only insurance is a good idea for your car to wondering why the job you interviewed for never called you back, noise machines with nature sounds can help soothe you. How will nature sounds help my anxiety? Before we get started on relaxation techniques to use…

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