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Month: June 2020

Mental Health Routine ?>

Mental Health Routine

Mental Health is vital for living a holistically healthy lifestyle. Maintaining healthy mental health will vary for everyone. Different people need to take different steps to keep themselves healthy. Mental health is a tricky and difficult thing to maintain. It takes constant surveillance and being honest with yourself. It’s often very difficult to understand that you may have a problem, addiction, or need help. Asking for help can often be way more difficult than just dealing with all your issues,…

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Mental Health During COVID-19 ?>

Mental Health During COVID-19

There have been a lot of vloggers talking about their routines and what they’re doing everyday and it really aggravates me to see these people whose lives are far from together giving people advice during a pandemic. What annoys me even more is to see other vloggers crying on camera about how hard it is for them to sit in their house and how their situation is more difficult than other peoples. Everyone needs to stop complaining and realize the…

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