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Month: March 2020

High School Relationships ?>

High School Relationships

Let’s go a few years back, or should I say more than a decade back to our high school days. I don’t know about your high school, but mine was all about having a boyfriend or girlfriend. It didn’t mean anything except that you guys were linked up. It’s amazing that we worked so hard to solidify those high school relationships when they were bound for failure. High school days are some of the most insecure times for most teens….

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Client Story, Catfishing ?>

Client Story, Catfishing

Working as a mental health counselor, especially in the online realm, often means coming face to face with people and situations that regular day-to-day life wouldn’t present. I was once contacted by an older woman in her 70’s, who was looking for advice on an online crisis that she had inadvertently created. She shared that she and her husband were having marriage difficulties in which the wife complained that her husband was spending hours surfing the internet, and she was…

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