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Month: February 2020

Essential Oils and Mental Health ?>

Essential Oils and Mental Health

I was fortunate enough to live in a nice home growing up. My family was considered well off and I always got every toy that I ever wanted. This has caused many problems for me. I didn’t realize until I entered the workforce just how privileged my life really was. Hearing the word no became a huge problem for me. My therapist showed me that it was my upbringing that played a huge part in my anxiety today. In our…

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Relaxing, Sleep, and Lavender ?>

Relaxing, Sleep, and Lavender

Most people are in agreement about the fact that lavender essential oil is a great oil for relaxation but not everyone believes in the power of aromatherapy. Although aromatherapy has been around for centuries, even before it was officially called aromatherapy, there are skeptics who are not convinced of its powerful abilities. The truth is that aromatherapy is not something that you need to believe in. There is tried and true scientific research to show the essential oils such as…

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